Windows Update Error 80244019: Fix

Several users have reported receiving the error number 80244019 when attempting to use Windows Vista’s automatic update tool. This error can be the result of malware modification of DNS entries. It can be resolved by obtaining DNS entries automatically.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the control panel
  2. Open the “Network and Sharing Center”
  3. Click “Manage Network Connection”
  4. Right-click on your current network connection’s icon and select “Properties”
  5. Click “Internet Protocol Versions 4 and 6 (TCP/IPv6 and 4)”
  6. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically and obtain DNS server addresses automatically” (Alternatively, you can click on the DNS section [under Advanced] and delete any DNS entries, which may be non-functional).
  7. Apply the changes

After completing these steps, restart and check for proper functionality of the Windows Update function.

Source: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft

You should also take this time to install one, and only one strong anti-malware package. The presence of multiple packages can create conflicts that decrease system stability and can actually make your system more vulnerable.

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