Windows 7 RC (Build 7100) Bugs: Blue Screens and More

Users are noting a variety of issues after updating to the Windows 7 Release Candidate, build 7100:


  • Blue screens (BSODs) Some users have reported an increased incidence of BSODs after the update to Windows 7 build 7100. Some of these cases may be related to a conflict between the Kasperskey antivirus software and new security updates included in the OS, which we covered previously. See our fix here.
  • Taskbar Thumbnails do not appear properly The thumbnail previews of items in the Windows 7 taskbar may not appear properly in the new build of Windows 7, coming up blank. This generally occurs directly after the user switches themes.
  • Decreased Graphics Aero score A number of users have reported a significant drop in their systems WEI (Windows Experience Index) Graphics Aero score after the update to Windows 7 7100. This means that either Microsoft changed the scoring methodology, or a difference in drivers or some configuration file has resulted in an actual score reduction.
  • Wireless signal bars never displayed Some users have reported an issue in which wireless signal bars are never displayed in the status portion of the taskbar. Instead, the “networks available” icon is persistently displayed.
  • Windows Media Player problems Several users have reported that music tags are missing or songs display the wrong titles in Windows Media Player under Windows 7 build 7100.

If you are experiencing similar issues, or have any other bugs or fixes to report, please let us know.

See our previous coverage “Windows 7 RC Leaked: What’s New, What’s Fixed, What’s Broken” for more.

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