Windows 7 Installation Fails: Constant Rebooting

Several users have encountered an issue in which Windows 7 installation fails at the very end of the process, with the system rebooting automatically as soon as the Windows 7 splash screen appears. The system then displays a message indicating that it was not shut down properly.


This issue is, in most cases, due to a graphics card driver issue. One potential remedy is as follows:

  1. Turn your system off
  2. Disconnect your monitor from the DVI port and instead connect it to the VGA port on your system (this will require a different cable)
  3. Turn your system back on and reinstall Windows 7–the process should complete properly
  4. Disable Windows Update automatic update (in control panel>System>Automatic updates)
  5. Go to your motherboard or graphics card manufacturer’s website and download the latest Windows Vista driver(s); install the driver(s).
  6. Turn your system off and connect your monitor via the DVI port again

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