Windows 7 Freezing When Connected to Wired Networks

Several users have reported an issue in which Windows 7 freezes when connected to wired (Ethernet) networks, but not when connected to wireless (WiFi) networks.

As described by Bryan Archambeault, a poster to Microsoft’s TechNet forums:

“So, as I mentioned above, I brought a wireless access point with me to the office today. I hooked up my laptop with the wired connection after having run it at home without any problems, and within 5 minutes, it locked up. I hooked up the wireless access point, removed the wired cable from the laptop, rebooted, and it’s now been working flawlessly since I came in this morning – about 5 hours ago.”

Another poster adds:

“I have been experiencing the same freezing problems with my T61p at work but at home where I have the wireless hub I haven’t experienced anything.”

It appears that, in some cases, this issue may be due to Cisco PIX hardware.

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