What To Expect At Microsoft’s October 2016 Event: New Surface All-In-One PC, Windows 10’s Future And More

Microsoft is set to hold a special event this month in New York, and it’s expected to dish out details for the future of Surface and Windows 10.

Only urging recipients to “imagine what you’ll do,” the invitation obviously and fairly leaves a lot to the imagination — no mention of any hardware product names, just the schedule of 10 a.m. EDT on Oct. 26, the hashtag #MicrosoftEvent and a tidbit that the Redmond company will show “what’s next for Windows 10.”

That said, the consensus online is that Microsoft will also showcase the anticipated Surface all-in-one and other details for the Xbox moving forward there.

Surface All-In-One PC

Before the invitations were even sent out, FCC filings for a Surface keyboard and mouse turned up and images of the two peripherals got leaked, more or less providing evidence that a Surface PC is in the works — or at the very least, up for consideration.

What’s more, according to The Verge, sources familiar with the plans of Microsoft say that there won’t be a refresh for the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, which likely means there’s no Kaby Lake in the horizon just yet for the lineup. Instead, the manufacturer is said to unwrap a slew of OEM laptops and devices.

Windows 10 And Xbox One

While it’s still unclear what Microsoft has up its sleeve for Windows 10, it’s a safe bet to assume that the company has big things in store for what’s described as the “last Windows,” particularly what the two major software updates set for next year are bringing to the table.

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