Office 2007 SP2: Problems and Fixes

Earlier today, Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Office 2007. Users are experiencing a range of issues with the update, ranging from minor to major.

Problems and fixes

Corrupt downloads/will not install Some users appear to be getting corrupt or otherwise problematic download files. When downloading Office 2007 SP2, ensure that the file size is 290MB. If it is smaller, you may have a corrupt, unusable file. Here, again, are the official download links. You might also try this link.

Outlook won’t launch Office 2007 SP2 has broken Outlook for a number of users, who are unable to launch the program after the update. This may be due to Outlook add-ons or newly incompatible Outlook connectors. Try removing any Outlook add-ons then re-launching.

A temporary fix for this issue, if the aforementioned doesn’t work, is to open the Office folder and find the Outlook .exe file. Right-click it and select “Run as Administrator.”

Exchange connectivity Some users have lost Exchange server connectivity after this update. We are continuing to investigate this issue.

Uninstalling the update If you are having serious problems after installing Office 2007 SP2 and wish to remove the update, note that this is the first service pack to support uninstall of client patches through both the command line and the use of the Microsoft Service Pack Uninstall Tool, which you can download here.

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