Obtaining Device Drivers for Windows 7

Normally, the device drivers for windows 7 are installed automatically when the windows are installed. But, at times you have to reinstall some of these drivers either because of file corruption, when the windows do not install the driver automatically or when a device is plugged in to a computer for the first time. You can obtain these drivers online from manufacturer’s site or any other site; at times the device comes with an installation CD that contains the drivers. The following article will guide you to the driver download process for windows 7.

Device Drivers CD with the Device

A number of times when you plug in a device into a computer it is installed automatically but when it does not you may need to manually install the driver from the installation CD that came along with the device. Look for the device driver CD in the packaging of the device and insert it in the computer. Now prompts will show up which will guide you throughout the installation process.

Device Drivers from Manufacturer’s Website

The best place to look for a device driver is the website of your device manufacturer. In general, navigation of such websites is somewhat easy. A number of times you can find the website link on the packaging of the device but if there isn’t any then you can simply search for it on any search engine. Once you are on that website, enter your device’s model number and it will give you a list of drivers for different version of windows. Select Windows 7 from the list and download and install the driver.

Device Drivers offered on other Websites

A lot of other websites provide device drivers for those people who are in dire need of them and in a number of cases, these downloads are free but some websites do charge some fee. These websites are among the best sources for downloading device drivers for those devices that are no more supported by their manufacturers. Normally this kind of website has a driver directory from where you can select the desired device driver. Or in the search box available of the site enter the name of the manufacturer along with the model number. Now select the device driver which is for windows 7, download and install it.

Device Drivers Download Process and Installation

Before actually downloading a particular device driver, make certain that you have cross checked the manufacturer’s name and model number from the hardware device or the device packaging. The driver must match both of these to function properly. If you download and install a wrong device driver, you may get some of the functionality but not complete.

Some of these downloadable drivers install automatically when they are downloaded. In some cases, it is mandatory to install the driver on the hard drive of your computer. In general, the driver download process for windows 7 is easy and simple that merely needs few steps that are given through prompts.

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