Conficker Paranoia? Instantly Check Whether Or Not You Are Infected

Chances are, you don’t have Conficker. Following a report on 60 Minutes and dire headlines across a broad swath of other media, fear set in, and some users started to blame any system issue on or after April 1 on the worm. According to IBM Internet Security Services, however, the total infection rate is somewhere around 4%, and probably much smaller in the United States.


Still, if you’re paranoid, or you’re experiencing symptoms typical of Conficker infection (disabling of automatic Microsoft updates and Windows Defender, abnormally high network congestion, etc.), you can easily and quickly determine whether or not you are infected with the virus by visiting the “Conficker Eye Chart” page created by the Conficker Working Group. As described on that page, the loading of all six images in the chart indicates that your system is likely not infected by Conficker. The test works because Conficker is known to block access to several antivirus websites, and the images contained in the chart load images from some of those sites.

If you are infected, or you want to take measures against infection, see our previous article “Protect Yourself Against Conficker in 3 Simple Steps” for removal instructions and protection mechanisms.

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