Blank New Tabs, Crashing in Internet Explorer: Fix

Several users have reported an issue wherein, after opening several tabs and or windows in Internet Explorer, newly spawned tabs or windows come up blank and non-functional, or do not appear at all. In other words, when some number of tabs or windows is reached, the program (for all intents and purposes) stops functioning. Other system problems can manifest when this issue occurs, including an inability to right-click items in Windows Explorers and more.

This issue, and other problems–such as sluggishness, rendering problems, and others–that occur when many windows have been opened in Internet Explorer (and generally after extended periods of use) can sometimes be resolved by resetting the browser. This can be accomplished by clicking on the “Tools” menu, then navigating to Options > Advanced > Reset. Close Internet Explorer, then launch it again.

Resetting an also resolve persistent crashes in Internet Explorer, at least until the problematic settings and other data resurface, at which point you’ll need to reset the browser again.

Note that resetting Internet Explorer will delete any custom settings, history, form entires, as well as other personal data.

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